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 Confused with direction of restoration

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PostSubject: Confused with direction of restoration   Wed 31 Jan - 17:48

I had purchased my Mach 1 a few years ago. The body color was changed from red to grabber orange and the interior from red to black. Other than that the car was left the way it should have been. I originally bought the car to drive but the more I looked at the car the more I decided that wasn't the best of decisions. So with the intentions of just doing a repaint and not liking this and that, it is now sitting in the garage without one bolt attached and undergoing a complete restoration by myself. Everything will be refinshed or new, like bolts and fasteners.

I started out with a (marti-report) red on red, 351w/auto (fmx), ps, pdb, tach, rear spoiler, hvy duty suspension, tinted windows, heavy duty cooling, and california emissions with added on original rear louvers, original AC(I was told these could have been added on at the dealer), original cast iron 4-barrel intake, original 69 console, and an aftermarket front spoiler.

In the process of restoring, I have picked up a 5 speed, complete 70 clutch linkage for a 351w, and a 70 351c shaker complete (70 351w shaker is mighty pricey for an unoriginal shaker car).

The body of the car just needed the lower quarters and the front pans repaired, the doghouse is a complete aftermarket set-up with now a ford tooling hood, and doors are original and solid. The body has never been wrecked but the oil pan was raked out from under it so it got parked. And with the intention of repainting the original red to grabber orange again or grabber green. It seems like every Mustang I see at shows is red and lets face it Mustangs are everywhere so I was wanting to stay away from red.

So now to make a long story short, am I affecting the value of the car by doing these modifications or am I helping it and how much? Am I better off sticking to what the marti-report says? I am told it is personal preference of what is best. I don't agree with the Barret-Jackson Auction prices but it could make us all possible millionaires with a collection of valuable cars someday. One comparibly to mine went for 42,000 - 46,000, I was told. I would hand deliver mine for that much. Yet this auction is making these cars more sought out for everyday.

I would like some expert advise on what is best to do. I thought of just going with red and adding as much options as I can afford, so if someone wanted to convert it to correctness then it could easily be done. As for my intentions with the car is that I plan to keep it unless I have to sell it for a college fund someday.

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PostSubject: Re: Confused with direction of restoration   Thu 1 Feb - 11:48


For the best value in the futur, make your Mach1 more original as possible.

If you plan to sell in the futur.

Good work !



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Confused with direction of restoration
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