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 351Windsor 2 or 4???

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PostSubject: 351Windsor 2 or 4???   Sat 20 Oct - 15:50

Hello everyone, I'am trying to figure out what to do with my 70 Mach 1. The Marti report says she is a 351W,2v, my dad modified her and put a 4 barrell carb on her. I still have the original 2 barrell carb but not the manifold. I keep on getting conflicting info from different forums and different people. Most people say that there is no such 70 with a 351W,2v, or that they are very rare. My mach is an H code, Bill has been very helpful in tyring to explain this all to me, he said that the H code era is very muddled and that in fact the 351W, 2v is not rare. I know they produced that engine for a long period, but how long did they put it in the 70 mach? I'am trying to figure out what to do, if the 70 351W, 2v is rare or unique, I will rebuild the original carb and find a manifold. If it is not I just will put the brand new 4 barrell Holley carb on her.
I also pulled the old starter, it had metal chunks missing, the flywheel has about 1/4 of the teeth ground down, put new dashboard in, found more rust, need new floor pans. The adventure begins!! This is how love is built.
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PostSubject: Re: 351Windsor 2 or 4???   Wed 24 Oct - 0:21

I would go with the Holley 4 barrel, and save the original intake and carb. Putting a 2 barrel carb on a Mach 1 should be a crime in my book, these where supposed high performance cars. I think you will find that a 4 barrel is an acceptable upgrade.
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PostSubject: Re: 351Windsor 2 or 4???   Sun 23 Mar - 20:48

All H codes are 2V cars....From the factory an H-Code came with a Cleveland, but as an option that would give the buyer a credit, you could get a Windsor....the Windsor H code is the least desirable of all 3....Windsor 2V, Cleveland 2V or M-Code Cleveland 4V.
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PostSubject: Re: 351Windsor 2 or 4???   Wed 26 Mar - 22:45

i wouldn't look at the windsor as the least desirable at all. actually from a mustang dealer locally, he gets people desiring the windsor over the cleveland. maybe it is the size of the engine itself meaning more gas to waste. i don't know. he personally chose the cleveland for the bulkiness in the engine bay. when i picked my car. i had a cleveland m code and a more optioned windsor h code. well, i picked the h code. if i really want horsepower then all i have to do is shop the 5.0 market and for $2000 with new and used parts and of what i have i could smoke any cleveland or cobra jet and keep up with all this late model crap. look up some of the pricing on that cleveland stuff and extra mods that need to be done. it is only a matter of opinion on which engine is better. to my taste, i am more confortable with the windsor and my options.
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PostSubject: Re: 351Windsor 2 or 4???   Tue 10 Mar - 12:22

My two cents....the small block Ford Windsor engine is still one of the molds for performance racing engines today. Check NASCAR roots and you'll see these referenced.

However......the top end does need to be changed to accommodate more horsepower and a 4 barrel carb.

As the other post said, why would anyone put a 2V on a Mach 1 ?? Was the Ford engineer smoking something that day?

I realize its not stock, but I replaced my top end with an Edelbrock top end/cam kit and added the Holley 4 barrel carb. Out of the gate its over 400hp.

Hope this unbiased opinion is of value.
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PostSubject: C or W better???   Sat 11 Apr - 23:47

It is unfortunate that Ford built the Cleveland for only 5 yrs; and that just 13 seconds before the fuel crunch began. But I did own a '70 351C 4V in those yrs and can tell you w/ absolute certainty that all things being equal (gear ratio, camshaft etc) the C would thump the best W in town EVERY TIME! Actually, I found very few of any brand could keep up; had problems w/ the odd 340 Dart/Swinger/Duster; but all those were at least 300 lbs lighter than me. The Windsor was a decent passenger car engine but not much more than that.
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PostSubject: Re: 351Windsor 2 or 4???   

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351Windsor 2 or 4???
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