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 Adjusting door hinges

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PostSubject: Adjusting door hinges   Sun 31 May - 8:10

Well I recently had some fun in replacing a door hinge and installing a bush and pin set in another. Much fun as anyone who has done it before would know Crying or Very sad

Anyway, thought I would share the pics of the method used to adjust the hinges, a ratchet and socket with a swivel can carefully be placed between the door and guard - but you probably want a friend to assist so save your paint.

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Bill Hamilton
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PostSubject: Re: Adjusting door hinges   Sun 31 May - 20:31

Over the years I have fixed sagging doors on 1970 Mustangs three times. Each time I did it slightly different.

The first was in the mid-70's and I went to the dealership and bought the whole assembly. The swap was easy but lining up the door was a PIA.

The next time was in the late-80ís and this time I took the hinge off and rebuilt it. Smooth job again until it came to getting the door lined up ... again.

The last time was a few years ago and this time I took a Dremel tool and cut the bottom of the pin off where the stake marks were. I knocked out the old pin and bushing with the new pin and into new bushings as I drove the new pin up into the holes from the bottom. Once in, I beveled the top to keep the pin from falling out even though the stake mark on the head of the pin fit well enough into the bushing it probably wasnít required. I did install the bushings from the top so there was no fear of them falling out either.

While not concourse correct, it was much easier the last way and the door alignment was as right on as when it left the factory when I was closed the door the first time.
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Adjusting door hinges
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