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PostSubject: 70 REAR SPOLIER LOCATION?? PLEASE HELP!   Thu 15 Nov - 13:04

HI Ray / or anyone out there,

Does anyone have a template, or the correct measurements for the holes in the deck lid for the rear spoiler on a 70 mach 1 Fastback?

Having already searched on the Mustang Mach1 World Registry, without success! I did a search on - Vintage Mustang Forums, with the following results "which when marking out the hole locations on my 70 deck lid" the measurements were found to be INCORRECT!

Luck was it that i didn't drill any holes!

Here are the instructions / procedure for hole location which I believe are "incorrect", due to the oval cut out positioning on the underside of the deck lid.

Place the base gasket so that the rear edge is approx 5 1/8 - 1/4" from the top edge of the lip on the trunk lid and the outside edge of the gasket is approx 2 1/2" (shortest distance) from the outside edge of the trunk lid.

Tape the gasket in place and use them as a template for the four holes. Also remember that you will need to form a small (approx 1/2" in length) round spacer to fit between the bolt head and the trunk lip top surface. If not, when you tighten it down, you can crush the inner liner to the trunk surface or deform the trunk surface.

Further comment: The 69 trunks do not have the oval cut out like the 70 trunk, but they also do not get the extra support that reinforces them to the trunk hinge arm area.

Gentlemen I hope that you can provide me with the correct information / photographs would be a bonus! this will ensure that the rear spoiler is mounted correctly, without damage to my deck lid.

Ray for your attention! my selection of words in the above request, has perhaps come over strong! and I apologize for this. However, I have already posted two questions to the forum, both of which have been viewed, without any replies, answers to the postings.

the questions is - Why have this forum on technical discussions, problems, fixes, etc if nobody makes the effort too reply?

Richard Briers
Green 70 Mach1
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