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 Leaky brake hoses.

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PostSubject: Leaky brake hoses.   Sat 6 Aug - 6:23

Hello! I post this question to help a member .

I have a very frustrating problem with my 70 mach 1 front brake hoses. If you or any other members can help I will be eternally grateful. I cannot seem to stop brake fluid from seeping from my two front brake hoses where they mount to the caliper. I purchased new hoses two yrs. ago and had them installed as other major work was being done by a restoration shop (engine, trans.). Since that time I hadn't noticed any brake fluid leaks. recently while doing other work (new steering box) I noticed that the brass block that bolts to the caliper was wet with fluid. It has been two yrs. since the new hoses were installed, but the car has only been driven probably 30 mi. since then. I started by getting new copper washers (the correct ones) to try and seal the brass block on the hose to the caliper, still leaking. Removed hose again clean and wire brush all surfaces, install two more new washers, bleed system and test, still leaking. My next thought was maybe the seat on the caliper is a little pitted and the washers will not seal. Purchase Rebuilt caliper, install new washers, bleed and test, still leaking at brass block. Next thought, maybe new hoses were not good quality reproductions. purchased two new hoses (noticed banjo bolt on pass. Side was a little wet also), banjo bolts and more washers from n.p.d. , Installed all new parts and still have brake fluid wetting the brass block at the end of the brake hoses(yes both hoses). I don't know what to do from here. Any help ?

Thanks Bob Ryan
e-mail: bobryan70@aol.com
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Phil Sandri
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PostSubject: Re: Leaky brake hoses.   Thu 26 Feb - 12:31

Hi Ray-
I went through the exact same probelm recently. First make sure you have both washers installed at each banjo bolt. Then I found that if I let it sit for a few days and then came back I could tighten the bolt a little more. I did this about three times and it did the trick.
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Leaky brake hoses.
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